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Welcome to HammerCity! Please read this quick explanation of our service before placing any bets down as it will provide you with an idea of how to maximize your bankroll's profits!

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How Our betting system works

To start, let's do a simple breakdown of how our betting system works as well as an example of how efficient and beneficial this can be towards the long-term growth of your bankroll.

Many sports bettors look at $10 bets on an 8-team parlay as a low-cost to high return investment however they fail to realize that although they are only investing $10 per day, that loss can quite easily turn into thousands.

For example, if a sports bettor were to place $10 per day on a long shot parlay, they would be investing on average $300 per month, and $3,600 per year.

Now lets say throughout those 12 months the bettor hit on three long shot parlays valued at +10000 (100 x 10 x 3 = $3,000), at year end he would still be losing $600

However if that same bettor were to take the 1/8, 2/8, 3/8, 4/8, 5/8, 6/8, 7/8 bets that did hit within those long shot parlays using that $3,600 bankroll he is guaranteed returns per day, no this doesn't mean guaranteed profit per day, but the sports bettor is more than likely to have a higher return on his investment than he is on the three long-shot parlays that did hit.

This is where HammerCity Comes into Play

In 2024 Alone, HammerCity has returned over 40 units in profit

Let's put that into perspective

Meaning that the same $3,600 bankroll would be worth over $14,000 in under 3 months of using our subscription service. ($3,600 x 10% = $360 per unit x 40 units gained = $14,400) Many may view this as an unattainable bankroll, however, that doesn't mean $50 or $100 unit bettors aren't up big either ($100 bettor x 40 units = $4,000 in 2024) as well ($50 unit bettors x 40 units = $2,000 in 2024).

It is also key to understand that sports betting is very similar to the stock market in many ways.

  • In the stock market, investors often seek long-term growth through low-risk stocks. These investments typically offer steady returns over time.
  • Similarly, in sports betting, bettors can pursue long-term growth by placing bets on low-risk outcomes, such as straight bets & low-team parlays (2-3 selection parlays) These bets may offer lower returns in the short-term however provide the bettor with a higher likelihood of success in the long-term.
  • High-risk stocks can offer the potential for significant short-term growth. However, they also come with increased volatility and the risk of substantial losses.
  • Similarly, in sports betting, high-risk bets, such as underdogs & large team parlays, carry the potential for significant short-term gains. Betting on these outcomes can be extremely enticing however there's also a higher chance of losing

Wrapping Up

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